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We are working on creating a directory for all things to do with Prayer in London. The directory will list events, places, and ministries who primary focus is Christian prayer in and for London. To help us gather information that we could include in this directory please could you complete the following questions in as much detail as possible. Feel free to complete the form more than once for separate Prayer Directory Entries.

The details submitted on this form will only be used by London Prayer for the creation of the Prayer Directory and its maintenance. Section 1 responses will remain confidential. Section 2 responses can be included in the public directory.

Section 1 - Your Details

This information is NOT included in the directory, but is in case we need to contact you to update the entry or complete missing information.

Email or phone number please.

Section 2 - Directory Submission Form

How do you want the listed to be entered into the directory?

What best describes the prayer directory entry?

What best describes the part(s) of London the prayer directory entry occurs in?

If you would like the location of your entry to appear on the map view, enter the postcode below.

Include a short description to explain to people what the entry is about. eg. is it a monthly/weekly event? where? when? Is it praying for a particular London issue? eg. police?

Don't forget the "https://www." bit too. We need the full address.

Best images should be no bigger than 600 x 600, image files only (.jpg, .gif, .png)

Enter a new tag for each term.

eg. Is the listing linked to an event, after which it will no longer be relevant?

I confirm, that I am happy for London Prayer to process my data as outlined in the Privacy Policy.